Mr Brick is a 100% black-owned brick manufacturer that produces bricks using fly ash. There is a growing demand for both high-quality housing and the effective utilisation of ash in South Africa. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to produce high-quality fly ash bricks to service the construction industry.


Mr Brick’s mission is to produce a wide range of high-quality bricks, pavers and tiles from fly ash. Through innovation and science, we want to respond effectively to the ash challenge in the Mpumalanga Province. We have selected fly ash as the primary raw material for our bricks because not only is it in abundance, but there are also numerous benefits to this raw material.



Mr Bricks is taking advantage of the opportunity presented by heaps of mountains as a result of the influx of ash produced, particularly in the Mpumalanga area.

Fly ash bricks are greener, lighter and stronger than conventional bricks. The strength of fly ash bricks is suitable for heavy construction, and requires less brick mortar, meaning it uses less water.

Mr Brick produces bricks that are generated with fly ash, which is a greener and more economic alternative to the traditional clay brick.

Disposing fly ash is very expensive. This is why producing bricks with ash is a less costly exercise.


Used by Eskom and Sasol annually

OF Ash produced by Eskom

Ash produced by Eskom by 2039

Ash produced in Mpumalanga with 5 out of 6 dams at full capacity